Configuring omnichannel routing (beta)

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  • Daniela Healy

    Is it possible to create different rules that target different brands? (We don't want agent cross over between the tickets we route)



  • Renee

    Ever since turning on omnichannel routing our agents are no longer being offered messaging coversations with the accept button, and they must go assign them to themselves in the view we have for them. Any tips on get this configured properly?

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Daniela Healy

    Yes, you can create different rules to target different brands. You just need to add a trigger condition like "Brand-Is-*name of brand*" and associate it with the tag for your routing.


    Have you set up a trigger to automatically add a tag to your new tickets? That happened in my test account but when I created a trigger to add a tag for specific brand tickets, it routed successfully without needing to manually assign the ticket to me. 


    I would recommend checking your older tickets to see if there's a tag that's associated with the omnichannel routing. If the tag you set is not there, then that's most probably the reason. 

  • Lauren Benkov

    I'm testing this out in my sandbox instance now and the tag, group and priority are correctly being set by the trigger but a ticket coming in via text is not getting assigned to an agent. It seems to be working fine for email and messaging but for some reason text isn't getting assigned out.

  • Nathan Cassella

    I'm a little confused by this. It seems you are tailoring this routing for specific tags related to specific customers, which isn't practical for many other customers.

    What I need to understand is how to use this in a proper round-robin fashion.

    If I set a trigger with my tag (let's call it "new ticket"), that trigger will only assign to one group; what about when that group meets its capacity? what about when I have agents in other groups available to take open tickets? How does this routing method work if you need to auto-assign between groups?


  • Emma Löfström

    Hi, I can't try this function. I have no "Omnichannel routing" in my objects and rules-side bar. Please help.

  • Hiedi Kysther

    Hi Emma Löfström,

    Is messaging enabled in your account? If not, kindly enable Messaging. To enable Messaging, you may check this article: Getting started with Messaging.  Once Messaging is enabled, Omnichannel routing will already be available on your end. 

  • Phil Andrews

    I want to use omnichannel routing for a certain group in ZD instance. However, we have people in that group who need to be able to view tickets in that group, but I don't want them to be able to receive tickets as part of the routing - is there a way to achieve that? 

    For example I have a "Level 2" Group, say there are 5 agents in that group. 3 of them I want to receive tickets to serve, but the other 2 agents are only in the group so they can view those tickets if they need to. Those 2 agents can't have access to all ZD tickets though, hence they are in a group.


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