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  • Vaughan
    1. How can we ensure that we are updated as you add more domains that are required to be allowed?
    2. How can we tell how recently updated the recently updated is? Will that always match the article's updated date?
    3. Must we subscribe to this article and watch for any updates, or will updates be communicated to clients?

    The callout in the article above does not inspire confidence that future updates will be communicated beyond this resource.

  • dschmidt

    I suggest you add to this list. I had problems with transfers / conferencing until I added that to my exceptions.

  • Current

    Was the list of twilio domains recently updated? We would need advanced notice when this happens to prevent disruption to our phone channel. 

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    The list of Twilio domains was not recently updated. For any major changes involving networking, we would try to communicate that to folks in advance. 


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