Configuring quality of service (QoS) settings for Talk on Windows domains

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  • Paul Santus

    Won't the suggested policy tag with DSCP 46 *all trafic* (not just Zendesk Talk), thus ruining effort to discriminate Zendesk traffic from the rest?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Paul,
    The DSCP 46 will be for all RTP traffic (audio) in a VoIP call. However, it will rarely happen that you will have multiple traffic from different sources for most of the time organizations will use just a single VOIP service. 

    Just in case the recommendation above will not work for your company's network, don't hesitate to contact our support directly for further assistance.
  • Wayne Bunch

    I would have to agree with Paul up here. This does not specify an application to tag 46 with. It tags all applications with 46.


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