Configuring the conversation flow and composer location in tickets

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  • Tobias Hermanns


    when I put the composer on top and "top to bottom read" it always load "at bottom" and I need click the "go up" message to see last comment, bug?

  • Jimmy Rufo
    Zendesk Luminary

    So to clarify....

    • Before new agent workspace -- any client, any plan, can view composition window at top, and see order of comments latest up top, to bottom.
    • When client upgrades to new agent workspace -- The conversation/comments order, and composition window changes, without ability to toggle to the "Classic" view.  Clients who aren't chat/messaging based complain to switch back, or offer config setting options.
    • Zendesk's solution?  Provide settings option to toggle, ONLY if you upgrade to Enterprise?

    Zendesk effectively takes away a commonly used configuration, and only offers to give it back if they upgrade their plan.  Thats just wrong, and doesn't make any sense.

    CC Cory Vegel

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Tobias
    The composer overlap is a known issue. We expect to rollout a fix soon (within the next two weeks). 

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi Lisa-Kelly, this is great news! I already have custom layouts enabled but I can't see the Conversation configuration as shown. Is there a form to sign up for these new options, or should we wait for them to be available? Thanks in advance!

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Pedro
    This feature is fully rolled out so you should see it in your account if you have Custom layouts activated.  When you open a layout for editing, make sure you:

    1. Click Customize layout. 
    2. Make sure you have the Conversation pane selected in the main layout. See image below. Otherwise, you won't see the settings. 

    If you still don't see it, contact Zendesk Customer Support. so they can help you troubleshoot. 

  • Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, thank you for your comments and raising your concerns on this matter. We understand your frustration and viewpoints here and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Please see below for some more context on our decision and vision.

    Zendesk's vision for the future of our product focuses on continuity, consistency, and clarity. By that nature, our Agent Workspace is a reflection of an omnichannel experience that's scalable across all channels. This release in Layout Builder is viewed as an add on since it stands to change this omnichannel experience.  I will note that while our vision is clear and we are confident in the road ahead, there are always areas to improve and we hope you will continue to let us know where we can be better aligned. 

    We also want to note that this feature is currently in EAP and is only available to customers on the Enterprise plan. To that end we ask that you please continue to raise these issues to us and the impact on your business. We will continue to collect and monitor this thread for your comments. We also are looking to open up Layout Builder access to lower tiered plans so your further feedback is helpful for our work in that direction.

    I understand that this update may be frustrating to some but hope our transparency in this moment can help you better understand our product as it stands and where we are headed.

  • Greg

    Amisha Sharma

    Zendesk clearly showed that you/they don't care. I think nobody here understands what you are doing and where you are heading. 

  • Natalie Doran

    "Zendesk's vision for the future of our product focuses on continuity, consistency, and clarity. By that nature, our Agent Workspace is a reflection of an omnichannel experience that's scalable across all channels."

    Does omnichannel here mean "all channels except email?"

    Give us a break. Before workspace, the layout was extremely suited to purpose. Now it's extremely difficult for those of us who are email based to follow long ticket threads. I'm not going to upgrade to Enterprise to fix this. I might leave the platform for one that is less hostile to my segment & feedback from it. I HAVE warned friends of mine, who are in similar small businesses and considering moving to a ticket platform, that they should avoid Zendesk as they are, like most small businesses, currently email based.

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist

    Hi all, thank you very much for your continued feedback here. We appreciate your transparency about how these changes are affecting your business. I want to confirm that as your feedback comes we are logging it internally and also following up with your AE to pass along the feedback as well. Thank you again. 

  • Dan Cabrera

    Re. Natalie Doran
    I so agree with you.  Every single time I have to use Zendesk, I have to resize something and hunt around for the text I want.  It's so frustrating, every single time I use it.  I WISH there was a desktop app where I was in more control.  Zendesk is sooo close to being a nice product, but instead, they crippled it by making the entire main point of it imho (to read text and write text) a 3rd class citizen.  I am working on an in-house replacement because of how long this madness has gone on for, which I'm doing on my own time, for free!, because of how annoying it is to simply read and reply to a ticket, EVERY SINGLE TIME :(


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