CCs and follwers – Tickets replied to by a CC get no SLA


  • Official comment
    Nina Olding
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, thanks so much for your feedback. We don't currently have any plans to implement this in the near term, but we'll continue to evaluate and consider it as we prioritize our roadmap. Thanks again for raising this, it's always helpful to understand more detail from the community about how you're using Zendesk.

  • Cameron D.

    Seconded — I understand that another party who isn't on the ticket (perhaps the requester forwarded) would be flagged and might not reset the SLA, but internal notes from CCs who used Reply instead of Reply All keeps tickets at the very back of our queue.

  • Damien Messe

    We are having the same issue as we are sorting tickets by SLA.

    If you receive + 1000 tickets / day, those tickets will always stay at the back of the queue without any possibility to put them back in the queue with an SLA.


    Do you plan to do something for this ?

  • Ed Ball

    This still seems to be an issue. We have customers writing in from one address and using CC to include another of their addresses. When they reply or update the ticket from the CCd address it loses the SLA and is dropped to the bottom of the view. Without someone watching that for this to happen it will just sit at the bottom.

    This should be fixed.

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Ed Ball,

    So we would need a bit more information on how you have set this up. Could you share what SLA target you have configured and any other information on how you have this running on your end so we can troubleshoot this further for you?

    Best regards. 

  • Stephen Belleau

    Devan - Community Manager This is about the "Next Reply Time" SLA target which fails to update when a private comment is added to a ticket. It's problematic that CCed end-users who respond aren't counted as a public comment. I think Zack explained it quite clearly in the original post.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for alerting us, Ed, and Stephen, thank you for clarifying for Devan. We'll share these comments with the appropriate product manager.

  • David Wa

    Zach Hanes +1, we're having the exact same issue and organise queues by SLA for the same reason. I'd be interested to hear how many others have a similar issue. Additionally, I cannot understand why Zendesk doesn't support any other options to sort a queue if your workflow is based on first in, first out. 

  • Ilya Gook

    +1, honestly, treating such comments as internal notes and not public comments looks like a real crutch to me


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