Allow day customization for Week attributes


  • Rudi Satria
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    to customize this week start from sunday-saturday, Explore should be able to do that, like in zendesk insights before

  • Kirsten
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    Hi, we're actually looking into a week starting Saturday. Also, I've tried to follow this recipe from and tweaked it a bit; however, numbers were totally off and Zendesk support said it would only work for count or d_count metrics, not for time-based metrics. 

    Hope we can a way to customize the dates, or at least have a workaround for this limitation.


  • Maria Karenda
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    We need a week starting on Wednesday since our reporting is following a fiscal calendar. It would be great if someone from the Product team could give an answer if this added yet to the roadmap. 


    Many thanks!

  • Jathan Désir
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    We too are in need of Start of the week on SundayWe report all our weekly metrics Sunday to Saturday, and this is going to make the shift to Zendesk a bit tedious when looking at "last week" data.

    I'll be manually adjusting this until then, but it would be great to have this as an option in Settings called something like, "Select the start of your work week: _____________ " - Then, it would update whichever variable your system uses to calculate this.

    Hoping to hear this is road mapped soon.

    Off Topic: Our Zendesk implementation experience has not been the greatest one with all the Salesforce Integration issues that you had. It seems like we are finally in the clear there. 


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