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    Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you everyone for continuing to share your needs for this. Unfortunately, this is not on our roadmap for this year, so I will update the status as Not Planned for now.

    It's possible we'll prioritize this in the future, as it's really all down to customer demand. This year we've prioritized investments in other areas, such as SLAs. Next month we're launching Group SLAs at Relate, with further enhancements for SLAs coming later this year.

    Thanks again for your continued feedback, it's really appreciated.

  • Kyle Jones
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello there Amber,

    For clarity, is it alway the same requester? If so, you could potentially put that requester's email in the macro for your agents to cut/paste into the requester field to make it easier to find them. Additionally, the side-bar field should auto-fill requesters when you start typing them.

    Sadly, I couldn't find any news about this being on a potential road-map, so I can't confirm if this feature is being worked on or looked at. However, any further details about why this would be needed within your work-flow could potentially offer our Product Team a bit more insight.

    I hope this helps,

  • Shaun Murray

    My company could use this as well. One example is for us to email an outage distribution list in our company when there are outages. If we use a target in the trigger and someone responds it creates a new ticket (which is a real problem since Zendesk does not have a BCC option so it adds our distribution list as a CC on that new ticket), so we created an end-user with the distribution list for their email address. We then set the requester to that end user and use the trigger to email the requester so any replies to the outage email will go to the correct ticket. It would be really nice to have our outage macro set the requester to the distribution list's end user (the workaround Kyle suggested isn't the best, especially when you factor in the possibility of human error at the beginning of a major outage). For now, we use something similar to this to make it work:,August%2012%2C%202022

  • Trevor Vogt

    Kyle Jones any news on this? We previously used another ticketing system which allowed to set the requester/recipient of the ticket.

    We create tickets to contact specific instances of some of our partners to perform some changes, it would be very helpful and make the process more efficient if there was a way to set the email directly instead of having to process it manually each time

  • Nicolas Derdoy

    Kyle Jones any update for this feature request or an ETA? Thanks

  • Elise Reardon

    This is a feature that is definitely required within our business workflows. Following

  • Patrick Arsenault

    +1, I'm also looking for a way to do this.

  • John Watts

    This is something that would be beneficial for our org as well. 

  • Stephanie Hermanns

    Same here! 

  • Max Mittelmaier


  • Yannic



  • Caroline Scott

    We definitely need this in our instance. I have a process where I need to send a notification to an agent either via a trigger or automation but the built in rules do not allow a notification to be sent to an agent CC (we currently haven't switched to the follower experience) or agent follower (once we do switch) using business rules. Being able to set the requestor via macro would resolve this. 

    I need a process where I can send automated chasers to agents that are either CC's or followers and I have been trying for over a year. 

  • Annalin

    For us as well this option would be really helpful. 

    We frequently receive requests that are forwarded to the same mail address. 

    So automatically adding the address via macro would make this daily task easier. 

  • Stéphanie Cettou

    Hello, +1 for the feature to be able to set the requester in a macro

    thank you, 

  • Adam Terk


  • Viktor


    This is something that would increase the handling times with the possibility to add external requesters. Same as you can already to in Side conversation E-mail.


    It's often you have requesters (end users) with similar mailadresses and names which takes even more time to search for them and start a new ticket. 

  • Jason Cormier


  • Darren Taylor

    Would certainly speed up replying to multiple tickets allot quicker! +1


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