Ability for Owners to be User Segments


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    Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Morgan

    Thanks a lot for sharing. We're not planning for this feature at the moment but we are happy to collect this important feedback. You mention permissions on articles as a key reason for this - I would say that when it comes to permissions the main thing to configure is the "Managed by" field.

  • Morgan King

    I would agree that permissions is best done through the "Managed by" field, which utilized User Segments. However, it is the Owner field that gets the "needs verified" emails, so we are not able to use just User Segments, we have to use groups to represent who may be in User Segments which creates a lot of extra groups that aren't actually related to ticket routing or the Support side of ZD. If the verification was tied to the "Managed by" field instead of owner, that would make sense to me too. We don't have a single owner of an article, it is always a group of people to ensure it doesn't get bottle-necked.


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