Expand the limit of Facebook Pages integration


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    Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    HI Everyone, 

    Happy to say we will be addressing this limit later this year.
    We are currently working on multiple improvements to our Public Social channels.

  • Jennifer Jackson - Admin

    I would love to see this feature added, we have over 40 brands and are just now setting up socials for all of them - we need our customer service team to be able to respond to customers within ZenDesk. 

  • Stephanie Langlois
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Did you know that is you use our Facebook Messenger integration with Agent Workspace, you will be able to integrate many more accounts? There is no hard limit on the number of integrations you can set up with this flow. The one thing to note is that this integration is for private messaging with your customers, not public posts. We are however working on closing that gap too. Hope this helps, happy messaging!

  • Mostha Rahaman

    my Facebook account login please help me DP



    I was wondering if you figured a way to include more than 15 pages including the comments from the FB and INSTA posts, not only the private messages?

  • Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi All, 

    We are actively working on this and will loop back around with an update.

  • Dolores Vincenzo


    is there any news on this? We urgently need to add more Facebook pages and all their comments & posts otherwise we have to switch to another tool in future..


  • Arthur Mays

    Can a progress update on expanding the limit of Facebook Pages integration be posted?

    The inability to only be allowed to connect a maximum of 15 Facebook Pages to an enterprise account does not make sense. We have over 15 brands with multiple Facebook Pages for each. Will this feature be expanded anytime soon? Please provide a newer update (last update: January 31, 2023) update on the progress. Thanks! 

  • Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We appreciate your feedback on this topic and would love to hear more directly from you live. Please join us on Wednesday, February 14th, at 7:00 PM CT/ Thursday February 15th, at 12:00 PM AEST for our PM Roundtable on Posts in Social Channels.

    There will be a presentation and an open discussion on what is and isn’t working for you in this focus area of Zendesk and whats coming next in our Social Spaces. So please bring your questions, concerns, and feedback because we want to hear from you! The link to register can be found here.


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