Same value in multiple ticket fields


  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Sara,

    The key is that only the tags need to be unique - the actual values can be whatever you want. Zendesk tries to make things easier by creating default tags based on the value you input, but you can change those tags. (You can see and edit the tags by clicking "Show tags" at the top of the Field values section.

    For some use cases, it could be easiest to just have a single dropdown field shared by all groups, with generic values like "password reset" followed by a nested dropdown of values unique to each application. But if you'd rather keep the fields separated by group, then I'd suggest prepending your application name (or an abbreviation) to the tag for each field value. So the password reset value's tag in one application might be "app1_password_reset" and another might be "app2_password_reset", but the values for both of those dropdown field items could be "Password Reset".

    Does that help?

  • Sara Bostwick

    Thank you, Dave!

    That makes perfect sense. I will admit we've been overlooking tags up until lately while working on reconfiguring our instance. 

  • Dave Dyson

    Glad I could help, Sara!


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