Request to allow tagging on Offline Message ticket creation


  • Fintan Maher

    + 1

    Please add this feature. It's making it very difficult to use departments when it's not possible to tag an offline ticket so it can be assigned to the correct queue in Zendesk. 

    Are there any workarounds to this? 

  • Suzanne Struijs

    Same here! Can we change something in the settings so the offline messages are send to a department instead of all the agents? We are using the chat for different countries and will expand the chat so it will be used in 6/7 countries, very confusing if offline message are send to all the agents (30 agents) instead of the assigned department. We can assign chats, why can't we assign the offline messages?

  • Jürgen König


    In a worldwide organisation with various chat departments, I see this as essential to control offline messages and the process to distribute them.

  • Amie

    +1 for this. 

    If departments are supposed to automatically route to their linked groups.... it should also work for offline messaging. The lack of this feature is causing issues for us. We're running 2 brands as departments on 1 web widget and when the second brand is offline, the ticket automatically adheres to the default brand of the web widget and therefore we can't identify which brand the ticket has come in via. 


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