Ability to add alternating colors across multiple columns


  • Justin

    +1 would be super helpful to have this feature. It seems to only apply to the metrics and not the attributes added as rows.

  • Joshua Bentley

    Absolutely agree! That and/or making it possible to display borders around cells in the table view would greatly help presentation.

  • Ruth PCL

    +1 the whole point of alternating colors is to make the tables more readable and not being able to apply it to all columns doesn't make any sense. 

  • CJ Johnson

    This would be so helpful, I'm trying to report on Satisfaction, so I also have stuff like multi-line comments, that makes it extremely hard to read without the colorful rows going all the way across. I set it to a bright color so I could be super sure that this wasn't a color vision issue with my eyes causing it. 


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