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    Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    Thanks for your comments. We have received this feedback before, but it is not something that we will be implementing. Internal notes are considered part of a System of Record, and allowing them to be editable would break its integrity. 

    We definitely understand the use-cases for making these comments editable, however in the product team's evaluation of requests about this functionality it has always been determined that maintaining the integrity of the record is preferable for a majority of users. 

  • Heather Simpson

    Agreed, I would like to be able to see in the events log the changes that have happened to the tickets though

  • Polyglot Group

    Agreed, it would make our lives so much easier!

  • Akhil John

    We all would really appreciate it if the Zendesk product team consider enabling editing the private(internal) comments.

    Internal comments are only used within the team to keep a note of the progress made. This functionality really provides a better experience to the users who use Zendesk


  • Ann Goggin

    What would help me is the ability to save a Note as "Draft". Sometimes I have a complicated issue and I have to go to another screen to get the information, or I get interrupted before I can finish my note. How about a Draft status? 

  • Brian Dady

    Coming from SalesForce and ServiceMax, absolutely everything can be edited by at least an Admin.

    Even with admin access, I cannot edit a specific internal note for a ticket which contains incorrect information. When others review the internal notes for this ticket in the future, they will gain incorrect information. This seems like a rather big flaw given we are currently evaluating the upgrade to SalesForce. Is there something I am missing here? Is there a workaround? Am I using Zendesk incorrectly? 

    When I have an open ticket, we add internal notes before closing it for future reference. I want to be able to reference correct information but if someone makes a mistake, this makes the entire system fail it would seem...

  • Eckhard Doll

    I agree that everything should be editable by the admins. The decision to "break the integrity" should be ours (the customers') as it is our content and not Zendesk's. This should be an option that can be enabled per role.

  • Trina

    Adding my 2 cents here to maybe add some weight to this request. Agents would love to be able to make a small correction to an internal note. If they mistype something or accidentally omit a piece of information, they have to create a whole new internal comment to make a correction/addition. This just adds clutter to the event timeline. I get the idea of maintaining integrity, but by creating multiple internal notes to correct a small error, isn't that breaking integrity too??

  • Kyle Pinkley

    I had an agent inquire about this functionality today, we would like to see this implemented. He said it would be nice to have to correct typos. It should include the history of course of what was modified.

  • Howard Fischer

    Hi Nicole Saunders is there any change on this feature request. I agree with the users above that it would be nice if this choice was up to us as admin, or at the very least give admin the ability to delete or edit comments for our agents. Right now, if an agent makes a spelling error, forgets something or add something extra, it causes admin to either redact the comment or crowds the ticket feed with multiple internal comments. 



    Operations Coordinator

    Whisker Labs, Inc.

    Zendesk Account Owner

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Howard, there is no change to this status of this request. 
  • Howard Fischer

    Thank you for the response @... is this something that Zendesk may be willing to make happen. It seems like it would benefit a lot of companies as it is a highly requested feature. 



  • Joanna Isac

    I understand internal notes are a System of Record. However, sometimes an agent can make a typo or add a note that is incorrect and wants to make changes within minutes - it's not possible.

    The option to "Redact" a note - although helpful in some ways, does not address this issue. Because, if you have typed the wrong date, for example, there is no way to change that. You would need to redact the incorrect information, then add an additional note with the correct information - so adding to the clutter.

    There should be a way to allow at least admins or designated agents to delete/edit a note but keep track of that record in the Events log. 

    This is common functionality with other customer support softwares.

  • This would be an important feature as the "redact" feature doesn't help much here. 

    There should be a way for the agents to easily edit the comments in case of a typo or just to add something if necessary. This should be logged as well, so that admins could see what changes have been made.

    In addition,  there should be an option to enable the end users to also edit their own public comments.  

  • Sydney Neubauer

    +1. It is so common for our Agents to need to post multiple internal notes which adds to the clutter. We also use the KCapp to link articles to tickets which is added as an internal note. Agents commonly link the wrong article and there isn't a way for us to exclude this from reporting or from the ticket.


    As long as the ticket events shows who removed the comment/what was on it, then there shouldn't be a problem with Agents editing internal comments as long as it is their own comment (we don't want them editing other Agent comments)

  • Ed Ball

    I guess I am in the minority here. I don't want agents to be able to edit notes. I would rather see the progress of the ticket through the notes. Even if the agent makes a mistake I would like to see that. It's not just an educational opportunity but it's also a reason to be a little more diligent about what you are doing. Hopefully taking a little time in notes means your taking a little time with your response.

    Audit logs of most tools we have looked at do not track anything in notes other than when it was added/edited so you get no knowledge as to what was changed or removed.

  • Frank Ippolito

    I also cast my vote for note editing, even if it's just for admins. Not being able to edit a typo or add additional information to an existing note is infuriating. Other ticketing systems do offer this option.

    EDIT: I wanted to second Trina Moon's comment that having always to create a new note “clutters” the ticket, making it unnecessarily harder to follow instructions I might have provided to team members through these notes. If maintaining the integrity of Internal Notes is such a priority, what about adding a "commenting" section that's available only to admins? 

    -Edited for clarity

  • Sean Thompson

    Between not being able to edit a typo in a comment and not being able to edit any categories. such as customer/issue type etc... you're really pushing users to other products. A simple change log showing the original/new, in some form of toggled view would accomplish both needs; users ability to edit simple typos and the system ensuring the integrity of the data. Ideally you would allow your customers to manage their employees. Nicole Saunders

  • Amanda Ledeboer

    It seems that ZenDesk is sticking to an official "no" here but this has been one of the top complaints since we went live a couple of months ago.  Our past two systems allowed us to edit notes.  Our work item tracking software - Microsoft Azure DevOps - let's us edit our discussion notes.  It's so frustrating to realize you have a typo but the only thing you can do is add another note which will distract the next person reading the information.


    Edit - oh nice, I can edit my comment on this forum!


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