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    James Hanley
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey folks, James here from the Zendesk product team,

    Great news, we've just rolled out the ability to configure the Essentials Card.

    If you have an feedback on the experience, we'd love to hear it over on that HC article.


  • Jordan Lester
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Shona

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback. This is something we have been exploring and would love to incorporate more of your feedback! 

    • What are your agents going to custom user fields to find? How is that information used in their workflow?
    • Is there a common set of user fields that are most valuable to all of your agents? Or are some user fields more valuable to agents based on criteria like their group? 

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, thanks again for taking the time to share. 

  • Shona

    Hi @...,

    The information is useful for when they need to leave Zendesk and enter a separate program, i.e. our centralized CRM customer database. Sometime we are needing to download ticket field data so it can be bulk uploaded into our CRM.

    Such things like the

    • Customers ID number that is used in our CRM database
    • Customers State
    • Internal team member contact/rep

    We do not need - Language and Time zone information, this information is not relevant to us and takes up space.

    Hope that helps.



  • Sierra (light agent)

    Hi, we would find the same feature extremely helpful also.

    The custom fields we would like to be able to see in the context panel include

    • the customer's internal userID
    • a direct link to their account in our internal admin portal
    • a drop down field that would show what type of subscription they have with us
    • their use case (we are data brokers so this is extremely important to track for compliance)

    There are workarounds, like agents looking up the customer in our admin site using their email address, but that is just as clunky as opening the user profile in ZenDesk

    All of this information is needed by our agents during almost every interaction with our customers, as most tickets have to do with cancelling subscriptions or questions about their plan, resetting passwords...

    Our agents will also need to open the user's profile for nearly every ticket, rendering the context panel mostly useless.

    We also do not need language or time zone information and would much rather be able to choose what we see in the context panel.

  • Jennifer Yim

    Hi Shona and Sierra,

    Thanks for raising such great feedback to help improve Zendesk's existing Customer Context Panel. This makes me smile as it's another strong validation for what we have planned to build in 2023!

    I definitely understand this pain point you're experiencing with the Context Panel of the customer profile page. In fact, many customers have raised this painful experience of no longer being able to easily see custom user fields right from where the 'Key details' panel is. 

    To introduce myself, hello I'm Jennifer who leads the new upcoming Component Builder product that will allow admins to have full flexibility to control and customize which are the most important data fields (regardless of standard of custom fields) for a specific object (Customer in this case) to display the most useful, valuable information for their agents. The data need isn't one size fits all and needs to be customizable for especially larger Enterprise customers with dynamic business workflows and end user relationships, so I'm excited to say that this problem space has been 100% validated and we're planning to build the future product called "Component Builder" to allow admins to customize any contents and interactions to be displayed for any object including Customer in the way they see best fit. We cannot provide the exact timeframe of when this build will be complete, but we have it planned on the roadmap to build in 2023!

    Thanks so much for your patience and partnership with Zendesk as we absolutely understand your pain around not being able to pick and choose contents to display that serves your agents well! We will certainly keep you posted as something amazing is on its way to help remediate this pain point!

  • John Weinert

    Hey Jennifer, great to read your feedback.

    + Vote up. We are searching for a similar solution.

    Best regards, John

  • Akhil Bhandaru

    +1 We would love the ability to customize the context panel the way we do with user fields. Echoing what Shona and Sierra said. Additionally, would love to be able to do this through Zendesk's API. That's how we update user fields now and we'd like to do it for the context panel as well.

    This feature/improvement would save agents at my company many hours over a week/month from having to navigate to the user fields and copy paste our internal CRM/internal tool link.

    Just being able to add a simple hyperlink to the context panel would save us lots of time.

  • Mark Weissman

    This feature would be great. In the present version of ZD, in order for our users to view custom fields, they need to leave the ticket by going to the customer's profile and then scrolling down to fiend the custom field. 
    Having the ability to do this from the context would be great!

    Is there an updated ETA?

  • James Childs

    Interested to know when this is going to land in 2023 please.

  • Payne Hopton-Jones

    Jennifer Yim Has this turned into being part of the now open EAP for "Layout Builder?"


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