Show Requester's Email on the Ticket


  • Amie Brennan

    Hey John,

    When viewing a ticket, you can always click into the customers profile from the ticket to view their email address linked to the profile. The email address on the profile linked to the ticket will be the email they have sent the ticket to you from. 

  • John Meredith

    Hey Amie!  The issue arises when the user has multiple emails on their profile, there's no indication directly on the ticket which of the emails the ticket was sent from without opening the "View Original Email" pop-up. It'd make my company's (and I'm sure many others') work much easier if that information was readily viewable from the ticket view.

  • Ross Malyon

    100% this.

    This used to work fine

    So now to work out someones email i have to click another button that loads ALL their tickets lets say they have 7000 tickets (very possible) that takes time to load then i have to go into their primary email field and copy from there. How slow is all of that,it used to just be there! add it back in, a complete design failure.

  • Ross Malyon

    Any updates?

  • Tony Pham

    We were wondering the same thing, we use zendesk for our HR team and having the email address show up next to the profile would really curb potential scammer emails from getting too far 

  • Lawrence Dye

    +1. There should be an option to display the email address of the requester and any CC'd addresses without needing any action from the agent. 

    This would help us quickly see if there is a high priority contact involved to escalate the ticket without relying on an agent to check every single time. 

  • Hannes

    Strong +1 to all of the above!

  • Kuldeep Patidar

    Hi Everyone, 

    I hope you all are doing great!!

    In regards to your concern, there's an app in the marketplace titled "User Data". You can simply install this application, and it will show you the requester email along with their requested tickets with status in the ticket view.

    I hope this helps!!



  • CJ

    Just FYI, that app does not work consistently. Just today it on my account, it was showing secondary emails as the sender in the "User Data App" when the email was not sent from the secondary, and didn't reference it at all. 

  • Kuldeep Patidar

    Thank you for bringing your experience onto this forum! I think you may need to erase your browser cache/cookies and try to verify that ticket again. For me, this application has been operating as expected for several years.

  • Óskar Ómarsson

    Would be great to get a feedback on this from Zendesk.

    Zendesk really should strive to make their software as secure as possible and not showing the email address in FROM is a very strange idea, the email address isn't in the way of anything else, there are no privacy concerns or even performance penalties.


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