Feature Request: Add cc'ed tickets as condition in views


  • Oleg

    Hey there, can you please clarify what are the cc’d tickets and where do you usually find them? And I’d possible, where would you like to see them too? I am thinking of an app extension that actually works with tickets in different ways, so was wondering if I thought about your use case :)
    Appreciate any info you can share on this.

  • Ryan Barnbrook

    We also want this feature added. CC's are already some sort of field in the database, so it can't be that hard to treat them as a tag, or even just automatically generate a system tag at the same time someone is CC'ed. I think the developers are just stubborn since they've outright refused to add this feature inthe past. https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4409217555994-I-should-be-able-to-create-a-view-for-the-tickets-I-m-CC-d-on?page=1#comments

    Even when you do switch over to your CC'ed tickets view, it is utterly useless. You can only sort them by the initial date the ticket was created and not in USEFUL ways like how recently they were updated. So a 3 month old project ticket would always be at the bottom, even if you were just CC'ed and the ticket was updated 10 seconds ago. Meaning you have to read them all to find what you're looking for, making the CC'ed view very tedious to use.




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