Including {{ticket.description}} placeholder in trigger


  • Jo Hawkins

    Second on this request. Allowing the ticket description, even part of it, to be included in the email would be very helpful.

  • Sarah

    I have this exact question.

  • Dana Barker

    Agreed, we would also like to be able to send the ticket description in the automatic e-mail sent when a user opens a request. 

  • Martin
    Zendesk Luminary

    Same here. No matter how many funky placeholder hacks I tried, I was honestly shocked that it's not possible to add the ticket description to the confirmation email we send out after a ticket has been created. I hope to get this functionality soon, but I don't have high hopes. It's just clear that Zendesk is not the right tool to bet on, if you want to create good CX for your customers.

  • Harrison

    Resurrecting this thread because it is still an issue. Not only does ticket description not work but ticket.comments doesn't either. Support confirmed that they suppress this in the initial acknowledgement email to the requestor and to the CCs.

    It is highly desirable to be able to list the original comment for anyone CCed at a minimum. Our CEO is copied on some ticket submissions but due to the volume of email he receives cannot always determine what the ticket is about until an agent has replied. 

  • Nicole

    This is an issue for us as well, for much of the same reasons Harrison described above. Can the original description be copied into a custom field that we can then add to the trigger? 

  • Laurie Schafer

    Can Zendesk (or anyone else) comment on why the "ticket description" won't pull through on trigger emails?

    I have "ticket.description" as a placeholder in a trigger email that goes to customer requesters and I did not realize this issue until a customer just brought it to my attention. 

    The customer is telling me that the section that should have the ticket description is blank when he includes images or attachments in his ticket, but it is not blank when there is not an attachment.

  • Katrien

    We would also like to add the original e-mail description in the 'request received' e-mail trigger. It would be great if Zendesk could find a sollution for this.


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