CSS classes available in email actions?


  • Daniel Dobrzensky

    I don't think Zendesk has a similar reference doc for CSS in emails, but they do go over some good info here: 

    Customizing your templates for email notifications

    I'm also not sure if you'll be able to apply classes inside of triggers and automations (if that's what you meant). Zendesk intentionally limits what you can do there. 

    I suggest you stay away from adding too much code in your triggers and update your email template instead if possible. There's so much more flexibility there. 

  • Ryan P.

    Thanks, that article actually led me to Help center CSS cookbook, which is more of what I was looking for. It doesn't list available CSS classes explicitly but you can gather what some of the classes are. Additionally, I could look at the email source code and figure out all the classes too.


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