We need a way to easily get a link to a ticket that we can share in other channels outside of Zendesk


  • Jahn Bronilla

    I guess if the stakeholder are not agents/light agent in Zendesk they cannot really view the ticket directly like on this URL you have provided - https://subdomain.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/1234

    Also they should be part of that group where the ticket belongs in order for them to view the ticket by accessing the direct URL.

  • Stephen Bentley

    Yes, we give our key stakeholders the access level: "Can view tickets from user's org", which means they can view all the tickets for their university. We then discuss tickets with them at various weekly meetings etc, so need to be able to easily share links to tickets.

    Since they are our customers, it would not be appropriate to make them Light Agents.


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