How to copy values between fields using triggers

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  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Paul, 
    Unfortunately, placeholders aren't useable as the values when creating triggers. Your use case might be something our product team would be interested in hearing about – would you mind creating a post in our Feedback - Ticketing System (Support) topic, using this template
  • Amie Brennan


    You could look to create a webhook that can update data inside of a ticket field. Check out this article we have on how to do this here:

    How to copy ticket data into a custom field using a webhook

    Let us know how you go. :)



    Thanks Amie Brennan ! This looks like it could be just the thing I need. I just need to see I I can use the same approach to copy a ticket custom text value to a user custom field. Gonna give that a try.

  • Amie Brennan


    Wondering if you managed to get it to work and what the JSON looked like that you used? I'm looking to push data from a custom user profile field into a custom ticket field upon ticket creation. Can't quite seem to get it working but I figure if you did, I could reverse engineer what you did for my needs. :)



  • Yanni (Test Account)

    Hi @Amie Brennan

    Thank you for sharing the sample webhook. While your example is from string + ticket number for the value of a custom field. Is it possible to get the initial value from a certain text field instead?

    get the value of field #1 "4413122487577" and paste it to field #2 "4413122501657"

    I'm using this one, and it gives me a parse error.

    JSON Body:

    "ticket": {

    "custom_fields": [{"id": 4413122487577, "value":"id": 4413122501657}]



    Another question:
    Similar to your example, have you tried creating a webhook to get the ticket ID from a follow-up ticket?

    The final goal is to create a webhook that will get the follow-up ticket ID and automatically set it as an incident / link to the problem ticket

    Sorry for having so many questions :( but thank you in advance :)



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