Option to replace AnswerBot Icon in Flowbuilder


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    Jon Ross
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your responses here and for providing this feedback. A few things to address:

    1.  To answer a question from Paul on this matter (and hopefully clarify the situation), Bot Persona will be available as an EAP very soon. This is an Advanced AI feature, which allows admins to adjust the tone of AI-generated responses. It does not enable the ability to customise the bot avatar. I understand the confusion though, since the graphic shows a custom bot avatar.
    2. We are thrilled to share that due to the feedback we have received, we are prioritising the ability for admins to customise the bot avatar and aim to deliver this feature in Q4. This will be available independently of advanced AI features.

    Thanks again for your feedback, we will follow up in this thread when the customised bot avatar feature is delivered.

  • Lisa Tam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Simon,

    Thanks for the feedback. Custom Avatar is something we plan to support but I can't give an exact timeline at this stage.

  • Tim (inactive account)


    Just dropping a quick anecdote.

    I had a meeting about the progress we are making with the Flow builder. At some point the CEO said "This looks like a wall outlet, its ugly. Who designed it?!"

    Then I had to defend the fact that it is not something we can change.

    I was only able to fully convince all attendees by pulling up this thread. 

    What perhaps might be a nice bandage fix is being able to use the logo as the avatar (on/off with checkbox "use as avatar").


  • Alex Garcia

    Does anyone know if a Custom Avatar was ever implemented or an updated timeline on when it might be?

  • Justin Putnam

    Also hoping this is added and easy to implement without API. 

  • John

    Zendesk, please update this feature. Current icon is absolutely unacceptable. It looks like someone was supposed to design the default icon, decided to quit the job and left a box with two dots in it.

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Hi everyone, thank you so much for adding your feedback here. I have reached out to the PM team for an update, I appreciate your patience. I also want to remind folks to be mindful of their comments in this community space; please ensure that we are keeping our words kind, and focusing feedback on personal use cases and added support for feature updates. We understand the pain points and frustrations experienced and appreciate your understanding as we look to help get answers to you. Thanks again for your feedback!
  • Paul Riscalla

    Hi Shawna James, while you closed the other thread on this topic (https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/5482311512986-Changing-the-answerbot-avatar) are you please able to address the comments added there? Particularly wondering about my last comment where I see the feature is available in some capacity, trying to understand is it part of Advanced AI? Or is that screenshot of Live Chat and not Messaging? If you can please address that information it would be helpful as right now the other thread was just locked with no input on the comments there. 


  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist

    Hi Paul, thanks so much for flagging. I want to confirm I have read your comment and others on that thread. I have reached out to the PM team in this product area to make sure I am understanding the information you and others provided correctly to get a better response your way. We will respond here when there is more information to share. Thank you for your patience here!


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