Webhook Activity needs better filters to manage and troubleshoot

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  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Ben Wanless -

    Have you seen this? Debugging a webhook

  • Ben Wanless


    Thank you for pointing this out.

    I did not see an option for "All failed" in the filter set. I made the assumption that the 'Failed' filter was only for a specific status code instead of any that were not successful.

    Additionally, I was having trouble because the particular Invocation ID I was looking for was actually missing completely from the list of activities, and I was unsure why it was missing.

  • Zach Anthony
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Ben Wanless,

    Thanks for the feedback, whilst you can set filter on the 'Failed' status to give you all failed invocations, I understand this can be confusing. We'll take this on board as we continue to iterate on the experience for monitoring and debugging webhooks.


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