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    Gabriel Scott

    Can you hide the subject/description for only one form, if you have multiples?

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    Dipesh Dave

    Hey Gabriel,

    Unfortunately when you hide the subject/description for one form, it will hide the subject/description for all forms.

    - However as a workaround you could include custom ticket fields on these forms and name them separately from the system fields, so that way you can hide the subject/description field (which is a system field), but you can still display individual custom fields that you have added to the form.

    - For example you could name the custom field "Details of Issue" or "Topic" for the subject.

    Please feel free to reach out to us at Support@Zendesk.com in case you have further questions for the mentioned workaround!

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    Daniel Cooper


    If you wrap the code about in an If statement you can do this. 

    If(ticketForm == 123456) {

    Add code here


    Replace 123456 with the ticket form ID which can be found at the end of the URL on the ticket form edit screen.  

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