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    Philipp Kunhardt

    I am wondering how I can add a blockquote to a line of text or a paragraph so that it looks like a quote. Maybe in a similar way like described in formatting with markdown (



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    Sharon Skinner


    We have created articles in the Help Center and when they are in 'edit' format they appear to look correct.  However, once published the top row of the wording of the article defaults to capitals.  How can I change this please?  I've tried deleting the row, typing below the row and yet when you backspace to get to the top of the screen - the font changes automatically to capitals.  Is this a bug?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Carol Drummond

    +1: Looks great in the edit mode; looks all out of whack in the published version.

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    Edu Legaspi


    I'm wondering why the links are not reflecting as links (underlined and in blue color) when the article is already published but when it is in draft mode for editing, it is reflecting as a link.


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