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  • Bryan Hilton

    Hello Zendesk Support,


    I would like to learn more about placing alt text in images.  Here are my questions:

    1. Is my process correct?
      a.  Open guide and navigate to the Edit screen in your article
      b.  Click on the image that I want to edit within my article.
      c.  Click the Source Code button.
      d.  Locate the alt text by navigating to the Alt =
      e.  Edit your alt text within the "".
    2. How do I tell which image I am working with if I have multiple images?
    3. After editing the alt text and clicking OK, I click Preview in Help Center.
    4. I hover my mouse over the image but do not see a tag when hovering over the image.
    5. My screen reader does not appear to read the alt text i have created.

    ****Update**** I was trying to use Narrator from Microsoft which was not reading my Alt Text.  However, I just installed NVDA and it seems to be reading the alt text just fine.  The Source Code Editor is also accepting my edits.

    Any help is greatly appreciated in this matter.  Thank you.

    I would just like to know how I can tell which image i am working on in the  Source Code Editor if I have many images in an article.

    Also, I am thinking image tags may be separate from alt text which why I do not see an image tag when I hover over the image in the Preview in Help Center screen.

  • Jean-Charles Pascale

    Hi Brian,

    Indeed, alt-text is not necessarily text that will be displayed when hovering over an image. Alt-text is text that will be displayed in place of the image if the image cannot be displayed for some reason.

    To know which image you are working on, you can take the value of the "src" tag of the image you are working on, and open it in a browser to see the image.
    If the "src" tag is a full link, simply copy and paste it in your browser.
    If the "src" tag starts with "/hc/...", simply add "" before it, replacing "subdomain" by your subdomain.
    For instance

    I hope this helps.

    Jean-Charles - Zendesk Support

  • Ramadan Elsayed

    hello All,

    im looking to put an image on an article to be wrapped around the text or next to it like the photo.

    but there is no option for that.

  • Molly Phillips

    Hi Ramadan,

    I'd suggest using a borderless table or flexbox to get the layout you're looking for.

  • Ramadan Elsayed

    very good workaround, however, such simple photo format feature should be added to the article design tools.


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