Creating and inserting reusable information with content blocks

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  • Jon Bolden

    @Camila Ribeiro Leao Santos

    Bom dia. Talvez seja porque você está usando o sandbox e não uma conta zendesk típica. Você já criou um tíquete com a equipe de suporte do Zendesk? Boa sorte.

  • Sanket Ghia

    Hello ZenDesk Team,

    We would like to use images in the Content Blocks. Looks like it's not supported currently.

    Any plans of adding this ability in Content Blocks?

    Rather, can all the formatting options in Content Blocks be the same as the ones provided with the main Source Code Editor?

    Thank you.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Sanket,

    I double checked with our Product Managers and it looks like images are planned to be added to content blocks some time in spring :) Keep in mind timelines are subject to change but I can confirm it's on their roadmap.


  • Andreas Schuster

    Hey, I just wanted to set up some content blocks, but with the current implementation, it's completely useless for any Help-Center which is doing stuff beyond the WYSIWYG Editor 😞

    It's a bit disappointing that this is not considered a use-case for an Enterprise feature.

    1) custom HTML is ignored

    2) Source code view is divided

    #Sourcecode 1#
    +Content Block A+
    #Sourcecode 2#
    +Content Block B+
    #Sourcecode 3#
    +Content Block C+
    #Sourcecode 4#

    This means you do not see the whole source code anymore, it's depending on your mouse cursor. For example, if you add 3 content blocks in an article, you have 4 different parts of the source code.

    Hope this helps you to understand more complex Help-Center implementations in combination with Content Blocks.


  • Botond Bajka

    Hi Brett Bowser,

    Spring is here :)

    Any news of adding image support to content blocks?




  • Katarzyna Karpinska

    Hi @...

    Unfortunately, the images will take us a bit longer than initially expected. That is because to implement them right we need to rethink the whole architecture of attachments which is a complex task. But we are working on it :) 


  • Kennis So

    Hi Katarzyna Karpinska,

    How is the progress going? Or do you have a targeted schedule for implementing this function? We are really looking forward to this function. Adding images in content block is crucial to our articles.

    Best regards,


  • Katarzyna Karpinska

    Hi @..., Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately we've have more delays in this field :( but we are not giving up! We hope to have more positive info at the end of the year.

  • Aaron Schweitzer

    Hi @katarzyna

    Are there plans to add content blocks to article templates?

    We want to use blocks to manage code snippets and instruction sets, adding these to the templates would be a massive efficiency.

  • Sharon Burton

    Are we going to get at least formatting in the content blocks soon? Graphics would be awesome, too. I'm living in horror of the time a screen shot we use across multiple articles needs to be found and updated. 

  • Katarzyna Karpinska

    Hi @..., thank you for your feedback, we are not currently planning to add blocks to article templates but I'm curious how would you like to use them in templates. Could you let me know a little more?

    @... we'll start working on improving the editor in content blocks later this quarter. Which of the formatting options are the most important for you? We are also planning to add image support in content blocks and we'll start development in that area at the end of the year.

  • Sharon Burton

    We have steps that are very similar across articles for the first 3 to 5 steps and then the procedure varies. I would want ordered lists and unordered lists in that block. I would want to apply bold and perhaps code to the text in that block. I want to continue numbering steps from that block into the ordered list that follows it.

    Graphics in a block would be huge. I'm dreading any serious updates to the UI in our products, as we must manually find all instanced and then update. That's going to be awful.

  • Katarzyna Karpinska

    @..., Thanks so much for the details I've noted them down.

    Both ordered and unordered lists should be already avilable in CBs, as well as bold and code block. I understand from your example that in for numbered lists you'd like to have the numbered order dynamically adjusting depending on the CB position in the article. This is a bit tricky to achieve at the moment but as I said we'll be upgrading our editing experience soon and we'll see if we could help with that. 


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