Can I un-merge tickets?

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  • Neil Carmichael

    Mistakes happen, so it seems rather inflexible to not offer this feature.


    At the very least a part-automated way to fill out a follow-up (in this situation) would be good

  • Adrian Bell

    I'd like it if you could set a rule that prevented a ticket being merging into another ticket if it was created via certain support address.

    We  receive tickets via several support addresses. For internal reasons, we don't want tickets merged that originate via certain support addresses.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Adrian!

    There isn't a way to set those kinds of restrictions, although this is a really interesting use case.

    Can you give me more detailed about your workflow? Maybe we can come up with some kind of solution at another point in the process.

  • Bryan Edmonds

    I would love to see a way to undo a merge. Why is anything digital permanent? Ctrl-Z!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Bryan, and welcome to the Zendesk Community! 

    Undoing a merge isn't as simple as a ctrl-Z, but Product is aware of this request. 

  • Adrian Bell

    Hi Jessie

    >There isn't a way to set those kinds of restrictions, although this is a really interesting use case.

    >Can you give me more detailed about your workflow? Maybe we can come up with some >kind of solution at another point in the process.

    We support IT systems for our customers.

    Broadly we have 2 types of requests.

    1. Requests from users that can be resolved by our agents through advice.

    2. Requests form users that require a change to the IT system.

    Both types originate can originate through the same zendesk email (e.g

    If a change to our customer's system  is required - ie. a change request  or CR - we need to approval from the business to proceed. We manage through an external system that we have developed internally. Raising a CR also creates a new ticket in zendesk through a generated email that will be sent to secondary zendesk address (e.g

    We then merge the original request into the CR allowing us to seek approval and action.

    We don't want the CR being merged into original request as detail gets lost in the receiving ticket.  It would great if we could put rules in place around what tickets (based on criteria) are allowed to be merged.




  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Adrian! Thanks so much for the detailed use case, and apologies for the delayed response.

    I think that you can fix this with a fairly simple workflow change.

    We have an app in our App Marketplace called the Project App. One quick caveat: this app is a Labs app, so it's not supported. This means we can't help you if it breaks. That said, I've been testing with it for years now and it's always been solid. So I think you can start using it without too much worry. 

    You can use this app to connect your CR ticket to the original ticket in a Parent/Child relationship so they're easily accessible and you don't lose any information like you do with a ticket merge. Further, it gives you the option to create the Child ticket right from the app OR add an existing ticket as a Child/Parent. You can view all related tickets from the app tray:

    It would require training your agents in this new process, but I think it could really work well for you. Hopefully this is you think that would work?

  • Lance Le Roux

    Hi there, how can I turn "Merge Ticket" OFF?

    We had a case today where an agent merged 2 tickets by mistake and a lot of confidential information was shared.... this causes a trust issue with our customers and we really don't want them to feel our sites just hand over this kind of information.

    Until there is a way to "un-merge: tickets, I would rather not use it. 

    Regards, Lance

  • Scott Schroeder

    There ought to be SOME way to, at a minimum, ensure that the organization is the same for the tickets being merged.  It is bad enough to merge 2 tickets that don't belong together.  It's much worse if customer A suddenly sees information about customer B.  "Sorry, Pepsi, we merged your ticket into a Coke ticket, and they see your entire thread."  Of course, we can't just CLOSE this ticket now, we need to DELETE it, and we lose our SLA data.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Lance and Scott!

    There isn't a way to turn the merge ticket functionality off completely unless you're on the Enterprise plan. If that's the case, then you can disable the ability to merge tickets based on your agents' roles.

    Another way you can potentially mitigate these scenarios is to disable CC's on your ticket (if this is feasible with your workflows). If ticket CC's are disable, you can only merge tickets that are from the same requester.

    I know these aren't necessarily ideal solutions, but hopefully they're helpful!

  • Cedric Jacob

    Hey Lance,

    Maybe you can find use for my new app called Quick Merge.

    It allows agents to review and merge tickets right within the ticket view: (ONLY FROM THE SAME REQUESTER) 

     Let me know if you have any questions. I wrote a small blog-post about the app here: 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing your solution, Cedric! Congrats on your app, as well. 

  • Jamie Vogter

    We have had a usecase where a customer ticket was accidentally merged with a different customer. It is really difficult losing the histroy and having to open a follow up ticket and then having the other end customer see the merged ticket data in their ticket. The notification of the merging allows the customer to see the wrong data. I hope we will be able to unmerge in the future.

  • Meghan Howard

    +1 for the unmerging ability


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