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    Nau Porzio

    Hi there!

    Thanks for this post, I've got a doubt though, once the image has been inserted into the article, is there any way of making it a hyperlink itself so the end-user can expand it to its original size?

    I'm asking because sometimes we need to show a full-screen screenshot for step-by-step instructions, but as far as I can tell it's not possible to make it square within the page and preserve a readable size at the same time.

    If not possible, is there any process I can follow to formally request?


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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey, Nau! 

    Apologies for the delayed response. As the article states, images are automatically resized to fit the browser window, so your customers could expand their window to maximum width. But the kind of functionality you suggest is not native to our product. 

    We don't take requests as such, but you can explain your problem in the Product Feedback topic. If you choose to post there, I do encourage you to read the guidelines on how to write an effective feedback post first. 

    Happy Zendesking!

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    Vincent Galgano

    "As an alternative to inserting images directly in your articles, you can host your images on a public file server and link to them."

    How? Tried embedding a gif from imgur by inserting the html code but it didn't display the gif

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Vincent!

    I did some testing of this on my end, and found that I was able to embed .jpgs, but .gifs didn't work. I'm going to check with some Help Center experts to find out if this is expected behavior. I'll let you know what I find out!

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    Brad Ladwig

    Hi Vincent,

    I wanted to clarify "As an alternative to inserting images directly in your articles, you can host your images on a public file server and link to them."  This alternative simply means that if your image is hosted on an external sever, you can hyperlink text within your article instead of inserting an inline image.  When doing so, you would simply want to use the hyperlink button at the top of the text editor and insert the URL so it would like this..

    Have a great day!

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    Omer Kenet


    I am trying to upload an image to my article but it just shows the name of the image and not the image (see screenshot below). I haven't had any issues uploading images up until now, what am I doing wrong?Thank you!

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    Ricky Davis

    Hello, Omer!


    I'm very sorry that you're experiencing this issue with your image. I am sending you a ticket notification to your email so we can look in to this further. Thank you! 


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