Customizing the delimiter text in emails

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  • Stoyan Tsekov
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    Hello Guys,

    We have a support pro plan for Playwing.

    I just wanted to confirm the above text regarding the mail delimiter.

    If i understood correctly, we could either go with customer text but only visible in English or leave the default placeholder to have "Please type your reply above this line" translated in the respective language.

    Is that correct and is there a work around?


    Thank you in advance,


  • Molly
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    Hi Stoyan - Welcome to The Community!

    I'd like to clarify your request so I'm going to followup with you in a ticket. I'll reach out via email shortly!


  • Molly
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    Just wanted to follow up publicly on Stoyan's request. The default delimiter placeholder will translate to the customer's language. However, you cannot use any custom DC placeholders in that field at this time.


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