Creating pre-filled ticket forms

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  • Mon Quindoza


    EDIT: Reason this is not working because we are using theme v1

    This is awesome but somehow it also does not work on our case. Also does not work even if JavaScript is disabled in browser.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you

  • SundaySky Israel


    Is it possible (using this feature) to prefill custom ticket fields that are for agents only? (NOT editable for end-users).




  • Eric Gao
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi SundaySky Israel,

    The pre-filled ticket form feature is intended for end-users and will be applicable to end-user editable fields. Since agent-only fields will not be visible on the Help Center request form they cannot be prefilled by this feature.

    Eric G. Gao | Technical Support Architect | Zendesk

  • SundaySky Israel

    Thank you, Eric!.

    Is there a plan to add this functionality to the feature?

    Any idea how can I automatically update agent-only fields during/after a ticket was created from the help center contact support form?




  • Eric Gao
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Ran,

    Unfortunately there are no immediate plans to add this functionality to the pre-fill ticket form feature, but you could potentially set up some triggers to auto-populate fields on those tickets upon creation:

    Eric G. Gao | Technical Support Architect | Zendesk

  • Karen Snyder
    Community Moderator

    Kasper Sørensen It seems that the ticket field parameters after the ticket form ID are not preserved if the user has to sign in.

    The prefill URL ( Add Manufacturer Request from Instep&tf_description=Please add [manufacturer_name] to the system&tf_360035346351=customer_account_-_add/change_adv_erp_ax) is successful if I'm already signed in. 

    However, when I tested it in an incognito window, after I signed in, my browser navigated to, therefore no prefilling was done.

    Is it possible to get this to work so that if the user has to log in, the parameters are preserved?


    Karen Snyder


  • Albert Khasky

    Without having to create my own form and use the API, is it possible to set the value of a hidden custom field based on a url param? I'd like it to be a private/agent only field, but given the responses above, it seems unlikely. As a possible workaround, could I stick some custom js that sets the value and hides that particular field? I'm using the Copenhagen theme. 

    Any guidance would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Albert, as indicated above, only end-user editable fields can be pre-filled this way. For visibility to our Product team, would you be willing to post to our Feedback on Guide topic, and use our template there to format your feedback?

  • bo_zhang

    How to change ticket form from TEXT to Drop-down option? I cannot find edit option.

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi bo_zhang

    I believe you are pertaining to the fields in your Ticket Form and that will be your Ticket fields. To change a specific field, you need to edit them under your Ticket fields by going to Support>Manage>Ticket Fields. You can check Editing and managing your ticket fields for more information.


  • Ravindra Singh

    Can someone please help me with the code suppose I want auto-filled customer field then how to do for the following customer field, please provide example along with screenshot.

    1.Drop-down menu
    3. Decimal

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey @...! Let's say we have a ticket form (ID 1001) to collect information about donations. The form has the following fields:

    Field Type Field ID Field Name Field Value (tag)
    Drop down 36001 Foundation
    • Pet Rescue (pet_rescue)
    • Local Food Pantry (food_pantry)
    • Children's Learning Program (children_s_learning_program)
    Checkbox 36002 Anonymous?  
    Decimal 36003 Amount  

    If I wanted to create a pre-filled form where there was an anonymous $75.50 donation to the Local Food Pantry, here is how I would make the URL:

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