Creating, managing, and using groups

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  • Molly VS

    Hey Emma,

    This actually sounds like a great opportunity to use Organizations. Organizations are a great way to segment your customers and with domain mapping you can do the exact thing you're looking for. By entering an @domain into the domain field, any new user with that email domain will automatically be added to the org. More about organizations here: Creating organizations

  • Melysa Cheatham


    I am new to being the administrator for our account and we have some inactive groups that I would like to delete. I just want to clarify that if I delete the group then all solved tickets from the group will not be affect correct?

    Thank you,


  • Heather R

    Welcome to Zendesking, @Mcheatham!

    You may want to wait for the Solved tickets to go to Closed status (you can adjust the time frame in your list of Automations).

    ...And then delete the group(s).

    This way the tickets will keep their original group assignment and the reports will be unaffected.

  • Melysa Cheatham

    Perfect. Thank you! The groups have been inactive for about 4-6 months so I think all tickets are in the closed status.

  • Tom Crooks-smith

    Is it possible to create groups for your users rather than for your agents? For example to group all the users who have given feedback on a certain issue to easily identify and interact with them later on?


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Tom,

    You can add users to Organizations however they cannot be added to groups as agents would.

    If you purchased the Customer Lists Add-on you can define a group of users with a set criteria as mentioned in the documentation I attached.

    Keep in mind that this is only available as a purchased feature on the Professional and Enterprise plans. If this is something you're interested in you can also reach out to your AE for additional information.

    Hope this helps!

  • John Barnaby

    Hey! You may try this free app Proactive Campaign.

    It allows grouping contacts and send mass emails right from Zendesk.

  • Vanessa Phillip

    Hi there,


    Do a number of different groups still feed into the same overall CSAT score? Or can a different group (who is not part of CS but a different part of the organisation) have it's own separate CSAT score?



  • Ashley Russell

    It looks like the "Assignment Control" app that is mentioned multiple times in these responses is no longer an app. Was this capability built in zendesk or is there an alternative? Thanks!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Ashley -

    Assignment Control is one of the Labs apps that we will be turning into an official Zendesk app. It's tentatively scheduled to return this coming fall.

  • Miriam

    Hi there!


    We use two main groups to separate our two different support teams - team A and team B. Unfortunately, we run into the following issue of:

    -support team A seeing two tickets from the same user where ticket #1 is assigned to group A but the second ticket is assigned to team B and therefore, group B. As we all know ticket access for tix #2 is not possible for agents in group A. I would make group A members of group B but I'm afraid this will mess with our Historical Backlog by Group report. Any advice on how to handle this issue? Thank you for your help!

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Miriam,

    Instead of making Group A agents part of Group B, would giving Group A access to all tickets be out of the question? That way you don't have to worry about reporting data being altered.

    The other option would be to install the Five Most Recent app on your account which will show the customers 5 most recent tickets the user has submitted. That may help make your agents more aware of what tickets are being submitted by your customers.

    You may also want to look into the Customer Context feature that was released not too long ago. This will provide some visibility on customer interactions for your agents.

    Let me know if you have any other questions :)


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