Creating, managing, and using organizations

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  • Barbara Vandendriessche

    Hi Mihaly,

    Great, thanks! Didn't look for it there.

  • Sarah Arena


    I am using the Salesforce integration to automatically create Organizations (from Accounts) and Users (from Contacts) in Zendesk.

    When a Contact and Acocunt are related in Salesforce, How can I ensure that the Zendesk records get related to each other too (i.e. that the created user gets linked to the created org)? 

    Using 'domain name' to link a user and org in Zendesk is not an option for me, as I have multiple orgs using the same domain. Is there a way to define the criteria that link a user to an organization?

    Thank you! 

  • Stephen A Kairys

    Hi, on the first page of this article, you refer to a "short video" about organizations. However, there is no link to it that I can see.

    "You can watch this short video about creating organizations or you can read the instructions below."

    Please advise.


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