Adding agents and administrators

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  • Scott

    I believe this documentation is misleading. It indicates that an agent can add end users which is not actually the case. Only a non-restricted (super) agent or admin can add end users, assign them to organization and edit their names. Agents (those that are restricted to any subset of groups as would be expected in most organizations that are actually implementing Zendesk) are not able to add end users other than through a somewhat clunky ability to add an email address. They will not be able to actually input a name for the end user nor will they be able to provide any additional useful information or attach them to an organization.

    This is a major shortcoming in the design (a flaw to me) that should be addressed. All agents should be able to add end users.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Scott! Thanks for the feedback on this. I see that you also mentioned it in a ticket with Rico. He's submitted your feedback on the documention to our Docs team to see if we can make the information more clear.

  • Nora Mullen

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the feedback on the doc. We've updated it above. I hope it's more clear now!


  • Kazim Nanji


    We want agents with restricted access as well to be able to create new end-users. Is it possible to enable somehow? For us this restriction seems pointless.


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Kazim! What kind of restriction are you referring to?

  • Kazim Nanji

    Hi Jessie,

    We have agents who are part of different groups.

    If we restrict a group of agent to have visibility of tickets in their group only then they are not able to create new End User.

    We want agents to only have visibility of the tickets in their group and still be able to create new end user.

    For us, this restriction of 'not being able to create the end user' is pointless.

  • Justin Smith

    Hey Kazim,

    Thanks a bunch for the feedback and I'm sorry to hear that our agent permissions don't seem to be meeting your desired user workflow.  

    Using the Custom User Roles feature available on the Enterprise plan level, you can restrict the ticket access of agents to only those in their own group while still allowing them to create end-users in the account.  However on the plan levels which don't have the custom user roles feature, the amount you're able to customize in terms of agent access is a bit more limited.  

    If this feature is important to your workflow, I'd encourage you to check out our doc on setting up and using custom agent roles.  On the lower account levels agents either are allowed full access to tickets along with the ability to add end-users, or they are designated as restricted agents and have limited access to effect the account.

  • coder for food


    Can I edit Add new user form?

    Now it contains following fields: Name, Email, Role.

    I need that field Phone was on the form. Is it possible to customize this form?


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey coder!

    I'm afraid it's not possible to customize the form at this time. I did some hunting in our Product Feedback forum, and found this thread: Add a user.

    It's a fairly new thread and doesn't have a whole lot of action on it yet, but I'd encourage you to add your vote and detailed use case so our Product Managers will be sure to see it!


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