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    Derek Wile


    We have an app which has two separate forms on two separate pages which the user can submit on in the app, one is for sales tickets and the other is for support tickets.

    What would be the best way to separate those tickets as they come in so they are marked either sales or support? Is there any auto tagging that can be done behind the scenes or can we attach separate email addresses behind the scenes to each form?

    I both a support and sales email set up and ready to go if that's the best option.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide.



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    Matt Steffens

    So we are about to place a webform from one of your supported third party partners, FormCraft, on our website. Currently when someone fills out the form it creates a ticket in Zendesk and some of the fields from the form are populated in the tags section, which is great. However, I would like to have a way to track how many web form submissions we are receiving vs other channels that we support (such as direct email submission to our support address, live chat tickets, phone tickets, etc) Is the use of tags the best way for this? If yes, is there a way for me to have all submissions from this FormCraft form to be automatically tagged as "web_form" in the tags section of the ticket it creates? I can manually add it in to every ticket but that is not ideal.

    And lastly, i didn't see a way to actually "add tags" from the tags tab under the settings. it simply listed my most used tags. Does that mean if i want to create a new tag that i simply have to manually add it to any ticket and it will become an option for future use?

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    We are using tags and this system really helps us a lot in terms of categorization. Thanks ! 

    However, I have one minor problem. When we add tags manually, some agents make typos mistakenly. For those tags, I want to delete as it is causing a confusion since it appears automatically when agents try to type. Do you have resolution for this? 



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    Andrew J

    @Haeli - you may want to create a trigger that stops a ticket being solved if some common typos are present.  So this would be a simple trigger... if ticket is changed to solved... and tags include any of the following 'tyop, tpyo, yourtga, yortag, etc' > change status to open.

    You could have it open with a private comment 'Please check your tags - something looks wrong :)'

    I also have an automation that removes a ton of specific 'dumb tags'... like 'please' and 'computer' etc.

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    We are using automatic tags based on the type of ticket category we are getting. This triggers some actions as well, etc.

    Is there a way to create a report WHO added the tag if they have been added manually by an agent?

    If not, within the ticket, if you look the EVENTS, how can I differentiate whether a tag is added by the agent or by the system?



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    John Featherby

    Anton, can you use tags in Zendesk Guide at all?

    In my particular case, I'd like to include some case studies - one per individual article. I need to attach them (or link them in) because we use Google Docs for co-authoring and collaboration, so. Although some are interested in moving that process to Confluence.

    Each case study follows a template covering issues like strategy, people etc. With not every case study being the same I'd like to be able to tag each article (with a link to the study) with the sections of the Case Study actually used.

    So Acme Inc. could have #strategy #people #innovation whereas Acme Global could have #people #space.

    So, that way users could filter through to the case studies containing that particular information.

    The work around I am using at the moment is to put a table in each article with the discipline covered kind of ticked off to show it's included in the attached case study. But that's not ideal.



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    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi John,

    You can use labels in Guide and they work sort of like tags.

    Maybe that will do what you need.

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    Karen Stephen (Edited )
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    Marrit (Edited )

    Does Automatic ticket tagging work for all languages? 
    Since most of our tickets are in Dutch (and this is not supported by the Answer bot) I am wondering if this would work for tickets mostly in Dutch :-)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Robert DiFrancesco

    How do I indicate 'exclusion' for tags?

    Tag<>closed_by_merge   For example, I am doing a manual search:

    Status<solved :  The search results yield a couple/three "merged" tickets which are closed and should not be included in the result set to begin with.

    However, I attempt: Status<solved tags<>closed_by_merge.  

    I am attempting to excluded those couple/three merge-tickets however I cannot figure it out.  Actually no results occur ??


    Thank you,



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    Graeme Carmichael


    Try -Tags:closed_by_merge

    So the minus sign before 'tags:' indicates to exclude tickets with the noted tag. 

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    Robert DiFrancesco


    Status<Solved -Tags:Closed_by_merge still yields merge-tickets in the result set which affect the "count."  It would be great if this worked as is logically sounds ..


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    Graeme Carmichael


    Sorry about that. I cannot see what is causing the problem. It seems to work for me. Here is the extract from the documentation:

    Minus sign. Excludes items containing a word (or property value) from the search results. For example, the following statement searches for any tickets with the status 'pending', but excludes any tickets containing the tag 'invoice' from the search results:

    status:pending -tags:invoice 

    I hope someone can help.

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