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  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Candice,

    The easiest solution here would be to use a combination of triggers and targets to send this email notification to an external user. More information can be found in the following article: Notifying external targets

    Let me know if you have any other questions :)

  • Reine Berg
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    IS this really not possible!?

    I would like ta add an Internal comment så that our users see it when they take the ticket.
    This information is crucial for how to handel the ticket.

    Any condition

    • Organisation is x 


    • Comment:
      This company is not supported by us, inform customer of this, use Macro.


    This seems pretty basic to be honest.

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Reine,

    Triggers cannot add an internal comment to the ticket, however, if you were to set up a custom ticket field such as a checkbox you could have this field checked if the Organization is supported and unchecked if it's not. I realize this may not be the solution you're looking and if you do need some assistance setting this up let me know!


  • Bruce Ledbetter
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    Hi Zendesk!

    I have a trigger that uses a custom webhook (URL Target).   I want it to when an agent adds a public comment to the ticket.  I've added the condition "Comment is Public".    

    My trigger fires when the requester and/or the agent comments.   I've read the docs and tried several conditions but have had no luck.  

    What conditions are available to have my trigger execute only when an agent adds a comment?



  • Dan Ross
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    Hey Bruce,

    Try adding a condition for Current user *is* (Agent) to have it only fire on agent comments. 

  • Bruce Ledbetter
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    Hey Dan,

    That worked!  Dunno how I missed this on my own.  Thanks for your quick response!


  • Katerina Papathanasiou
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    Hi team!

    I was wondering how can we customize the trigger of Notifying all agents of received request WITH the exclusion of two agents (that are both admins). What we need is to keep their inbox a bit more clear and tidy. 

    I have tried to use the condition of Assignee, Requester and Current User IS NOT (name), but I am not sure that actually is the solution.



  • Matt McLean
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    Customizing the Conditions will not be able to do it, since Conditions just change when the Trigger runs - you need to customize the Actions that are being run.

    The simplest way may just be to keep using the default "Email group" action, but have the specific admins filter their own email using server-side rules based on subject and/or email body, if they have the power to do so in your email system.

    Alternatively, if you have the ability to create a group email address (aka Distribution List) in your email system, you could create a new group with all the correct Agents but neither of the Admins as members, then use the Email Target Action instead of the default "Email group" Action. See screenshots and further explanation below:

    Above: Default "Email group" Action

    Below: "Notify target" Action

    (The "Message" can be exactly what would be in the "Email body" in the 'default' way of doing things.)

    As for setting up your email target, you would simply go to https://[your subdomain].zendesk.com/targets/new/email_target and fill out which email address you want to send to, as well as what you want the subject to be:


    Because the Subject is specified in the Email target and not the Action in the Trigger, you may need to create several targets with the same Email address, e.g. one for ticket has been created, one for ticket has been assigned, one for ticket has been reopened, etc. -- just give each one a descriptive enough title that you can pick it in the "Notify target" Action in your Trigger.

    I hope this helps! As mentioned above, doing things this way isn't as simple as telling the admins to filter their own inboxes, but it could also be used for other purposes - most orgs probably have many more DL's defined in their email system than they have Groups in ZD, and you could use those pre-existing Email DL's in various ways as Email Targets.

  • Brandon Tidd
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    I love using exclusionary tags for a workflow like this!


    Step 1: Add a tag to the user profile(s) that you want to suppress notifications for (ie "DoNotNotify")

    Step 2: Add an ALL condition to the trigger: Tags contains none of the following "DoNotNotify"

    This should stop notifications from being sent to specific users.  Hope this helps!



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