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    Melanie Leu

    Hi Michel,


    I'm quite certain that setting had an explanation once, but that is not there anymore. It is to exclude a tracked time if it is excessively and unrealistically high - like 1 week.

    As the explanation is gone though I can't tell you anymore where the cut off was exactly.


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    Patrick Bosmans

    Hello Michel,

    We have found that the Time Tracking app breaks down if the system time and browser time get out of sync during an update. This shouldn't happen on newer browsers. Older browsers or unusual system configurations could cause trouble, though. 


    Our engineers have added the debugging mode to the Time Tracking app in order to help with this issue. It blocks ticket updates that have a handle time of two weeks or more, then outputs additional error details to the browser console.


    If you and your agents are using newer/updated versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc, you shouldn't need to worry and can enable/disable this setting at your leisure.



    Patrick Bosmans | Zendesk Customer Advocate

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    Jon Heath (Edited )

    I'm also wondering about "debug_prevent_huge_times". So it allows time up to two weeks? Yikes.

    A new agent added 30 hours instead of 30 minutes. Now the report shows the ridiculously high time spent on the ticket and from what I'm reading here, there isn't any way to change it.

    Zendesk needs to allow an admin to edit this time field.

    Update: We can add negative minutes to the ticket if we set this to Simplified time submission in the app.

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    Jessie - Community Manager


    Thank you for the feedback, Jon, and welcome to the Community!

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