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Restricting specific IP addresses from accessing your Zendesk is available on Zendesk Support Enterprise. This means that users from these IP addresses are the only users allowed to sign in to Zendesk Support. This includes all users.

You can specify ranges of IP addresses, separating each range with a space. Two methods are available to specify a range. The first is to use asterisk (*) wildcards. An IP address consists of four numbers separated by periods, such as You can substitute a single asterisk character (*) for any number group to let Zendesk know that it should accept any value in that space. For example, 192.*.*.* allows any IP address whose first number is 192.

The second way to specify an IP range is to use IP subnet mask syntax. For example, specifies all the IP addresses between and

To set IP restrictions
  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Settings > Security.
  2. Select the Global tab.
  3. In the IP Restrictions section, select Enabled, then enter the Allowed IP Ranges you want to restrict.
    Note: Enabling IP based access restrictions can break third party integrations. Be sure to include all external IPs that need access to your account via the Zendesk API.
  4. (Optional) Select Customers can bypass IP restrictions if you would like your customers to still access Zendesk Support outside the IP ranges, and only restrict agent access.
  5. (Optional) Select Agents can bypass IP restrictions using mobile apps if you want to allow your agents to access Zendesk Support from native Zendesk apps (iPhone, iPad & Android) regardless of IP address.
  6. Click Save.
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    Can you please add the ability to apply a name to each IP. When you have a few hundred it gets hard to know which to remove etc.

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    I have multiple brands set up.  

    I would like to restrict access to one of the brands by IP.  

    Currently, it looks like it is only possible to set global IP restrictions. Are there plans to add that functionality?

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    @Karen: Unfortunately there isn't a way to do this currently, nor are there current plans to add this capability. Can you please explain a bit more why you'd like to do this?

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    @Ben: We currently have 2 brands that we use for public assistance.  We'd like to create a third brand for prototype testing and gathering internal feedback - but we want to restrict that brand to our internal staff, only.  

    Restricting by IP would have let us do that easily, but now it looks like we would need to rely on security through obscurity, instead.  If you have a better suggestion, though, I'd love to hear it!

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