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You can customize the colors and logo of the interface to match your company's branding. Making this change affects the agent interface for all of your Zendesk Support agents.
To customize the agent interface
  1. Click the Admin () icon in the sidebar, then go to Settings > Account.
  2. Click the Branding tab.
  3. Next to Colors, enter a hex value or select a custom color.
  4. (Optional) To preview the selected color scheme, click Preview selected color.


  5. To go back to the original color scheme, click Revert to default colors. To save the color scheme, click Save Tab.
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    I am having a problem getting favicon uploaded. We had one working fine but I deleted it to be replaced by our new one. I click browse, select the file and then scroll down to the bottom and click 'save tab' but nothing gets uploaded. Tried a .png and a .ico.


    Please help!

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    Hi Karen! Sorry for the delayed response here.

    I checked with our Sustaining team and was able to find out that what you're experiencing is a known issue. The good news is that we're rolling out a fix for it today! Please let us know if you continue to experience any issues.

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