Installing and using the Out of Office v2 app

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  • Kevin Miodek
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    Is there anyway we can use explore to report on that feature? What I'm trying to achieve here is to gather data on how many days were people unavailable in a week or a month. That'd help us automate efficiency tracking on our side

  • Rose Anderson
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    I have just installed this app and used it for the first time yesterday when an agent was out. It is a lifesaver. However, I did find that the setting for "Prevent Assignment" does not work. I went into the queue for my agent who was out of office and found new assignments to him. 

    I created a test ticket saved it, and was able to assign it to him. I got the warning that the ticket could not be assigned due to the OOO status, but the ticket was assigned anyway.

  • Chris Fellows
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    Hi Rose,

    I created a ticket so we can investigate this further.  Thanks!



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