Managing multiple brands (Enterprise)

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  • Aron Toledo Bergara

    What happens with the tickets already created with a brand that is deleted?

    They keep the deleted brand?

    Is there any way I can merge 2 brands or change the brand of already created tickets in bulk to another brand before I delete it?

  • Christopher

    can someone answer this question please, because I have the same question^^^^^^^^^^

  • Sean Cusick

    Hi Aron and Christopher, Sorry for the delay in responding to this question. You can only modify tickets that have not yet been moved to the closed state. Any closed tickets will keep their Brand affiliation. It is not possible at this time to merge Brands, though the API can be used to bulk edit tickets that are less than Closed. If you click Delete on any of your Brands then a popup warning will appear that lets you know what will happen if you choose to follow through on the action. Any desired behavior not listed there would be a Feature Request


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