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The community consists of posts associated with different discussion topics. Topics can be anything you want, and you can create as many as you want.

Help Center managers can add, edit, delete, and manually arrange topics. Agents don't have the permissions to make these changes. The community is available on the Professional and Enterprise plans.

For information about managing community posts within discussion topics, see Managing Help Center community posts.

Adding discussion topics

Discussion topics can be anything you want. You can add as many topics as you need.

For example, if you support multiple products, you might add a topic for each product. If you have one product with a lot of functionality, you might add a topic for each major feature area or task. If you have different types of users -- end-users and API developers, for example -- you might add a topic for each type of user. You can also add a General Discussion topic where users can discuss issues that don't quite fit in the other topics.

To add a topic

  1. Click Community in the top menu bar, then select Add topic.

  2. Enter a name for the topic and an optional description.
  3. If you want to restrict viewing access, select an option under Who can view.

    The default is that content will be visible to anyone, but you can limit access to sign-in users, agents only, or users with a specific tag or in a specific organization or group. For more information, see Restricting access to community content.

  4. If want to restrict editing access to Help Center managers only, under Who can view, select Managers.

    By default, Agents and managers is selected so that agents can add and edit posts in the topic.

  5. Click Add.

Editing and deleting discussion topics

You can edit a discussion topic if you need to change the name, description, or access privileges.

You can delete a topic if you no longer need it. When you delete a topic, all the posts in the topic are also deleted. If you don't want to delete the posts in the topic, you should move the posts before you delete the topic.

To edit a topic

  1. Open the topic, then click Edit topic in the top menu bar.
  2. Make your changes to the name or description and click Update.

To delete a topic

  1. Open the topic, then click Edit topic in the top menu bar.

    Be sure you've moved any posts that you want to save to another topic.

  2. Click the Delete topic link on the page.

Reordering discussion topics

You can manually reorder your community discussion topics. You cannot reorder the posts within a topic.

To manually reorder topics

  1. Click Community in the top menu bar, then select Arrange topics.

    The Community tab opens by default.

  2. Click the Community tab.
  3. Click any community topic, then drag it to another place in the order.

    To move more than one item at one time, click the checkbox next to each item you want to move, and then click any of the items and drag.

  4. When you're finished, click Save, then click Back to exit the arrange content page.
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  • 0

    I would love an option so I can make agents and managers the only ones who can write in a specific topic. Like your Announcements or have I missed any settings / feature for this? 

    Edited by Tobias Eriksson
  • 0

    Hi Tobias!

    If you check out the section above entitled Restricting access to community content, you'll see how you can set up those restrictions.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • 0


    Yeah, I would like to have a topic that anyone can view, but only the agents and managers can create posts in that topic. Is this possible? We want to use that topic for news and release notes etc. 

    Of course I can use a section for this in the help center, but would like to have this in the community instead. 

  • 0

    Hey Tobias, thanks for clarifying!

    That's a bit of a head-scratcher. There's no setting that will allow you to restrict your Community content in that way. You could theoretically modify your HTML to remove the "new post" button from the topic page, but unfortunately that would apply to every topic page, and sort defeat the purpose of a Community.

    It might be possible to hide the New Post button on just one page using some JS magic, but that's outside my purview here in support. Perhaps another member of the Community can shed some light on that for you.

    Otherwise, your options would be to have your Announcements section in the Knowledge Base portion of your Help Center (like ours), or put the Announcements in the Community and just monitor it carefully so you can move any unrelated posts to a different topic.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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    is there a way to close "topics" on a forum as you can close "comments" on a topic?

    ie we have set topics in a forum that we want folks to comment on, but do not want any more topics added to that forum 

  • 0

    Can you allow anyone to view community posts but restrict commenting to logged in users?

  • 0

    Hey how can I close some post for further comments?


  • 0

    @Shruti - If you are a Help Center Manager, you can click the gear icon above the regular post and select Close for comments from the drop-down menu.

    @Jen and @Chris - Apologies for the delayed response.

    @Jen, when you say "topics", are you referring to the posts that users add in your community, which can then be commented on? For our purposes, "Topics" are the sections you create in your community, "Posts" are what users create within those topics, and then other users can comment on those posts.

    There isn't a way to close topics to prevent additional posts from being created. You could potentially customize the code for your Help Center to hide the "New Post" button, so users won't have the option available to them...I'm not sure if that would remove the "New Post" button from ALL topic pages or not, though. One of our Help Center gurus would have to weigh in on that.

    @Chris, the Help Center is automatically set up to require login before being able to post or comment. New users will have the option to sign up so they can post and comment, but it's not possible to post or comment anonymously. As long as you don't set up any restrictions anyone can view the content without logging in.

    Please let me know if any of you have any other questions!

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    Any plans to be able to merge posts? While the relevant topics feature is useful, this wont fully stop duplicate posts.

    To make sure community content stays clean and tidy, merging similar posts would be a nice touch here!

  • 0

    Hey Ryan!

    I agree with you! :) Our team in Copenhagen is working hard on making our Community features better, but I'm not 100% sure what all is on their to-do list at this point. I'll do some checking around and see what I can find out.

  • 0


    Is it possible to translate the community topics?


  • 0

    How can I access the topics list page? (Not the page to manage the list, but a page with the list as a customer might see it.) Our forums were set up before I was given the job of managing it, and our only "index" is an article that lists and links the topics. I just created a new topic, so obviously it's not in that article, and I need to get the URL. Thanks!

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