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  • Peter Forsberg

    Hi, is there a way for the creator of the original post to mark their question as answered. I want to avoid having moderators and managers mark every post as answered. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Peter, at present there isn't a way for an end-user to mark their own post as answered. I can understand how that could be helpful though, so it'd be great if you wouldn't mind adding this idea to our product feedback topic for Gather: Feedback on Gather

    We've got some tips here on how to write an effective post: How to write an effective feedback post


  • Timur

    Hi Dear Zendesk community.
    As I understand, there is no way right now to create a ticket automatically when comments are posted.
    Doing this manually is really taking time from our support agents.
    We want to receive all the tickets in one channel.
    Added the same comment in feature request.
    If you have any workaround on how we can realize this, I will be super thankful for your advice.
    I even tried to create 2 mailboxes and use next schema 1st mailbox is subscribed for an article and comments and have redirection to 2nd mailbox, 2nd mailbox have a redirection to Zendesk main email address but looks like this is not gong to work, since notification are being sent for the same Zendesk domain.
    Really waiting for this feature. Did the same comment and upvote in your Feedback dashboard.

    Warm regards,


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