Setting up Guided mode (Enterprise)

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  • Elliot Sanderup Pamperien
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    We seem to have an issue where people in guided mode get into the same tickets, very often also without seeing eachother in the same ticket, which then has resulted in a bad timing with the customer having 2 answers at the same time from our agents.

    Any one else having this issue? Zendesk any solution to this issue?

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Elliot -

    If Guided mode is working properly, this shouldn't arise.

    First, I recommend reading through and following the troubleshooting steps in this article:

    How can I troubleshoot agent collision issues

    If that doesn't resolve things, we'll most likely need to get you in touch with one of our Customer Advocates to do a more in-depth review of your account to see if there's a bug.


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