Routing incoming calls to groups of agents (Talk Basic and Advanced) Follow


For each Talk number, you can choose to route calls to only selected groups of agents.

If you use Talk Advanced, you can route calls using IVR instead of group routing. For details, see Routing incoming calls with IVR.

Note: This option is not available with Talk Lite. It is available for Talk Basic, Talk Advanced, and pay-as-you-go Talk plans if you signed up before March 15, 2016.

To route calls to specific groups

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Channels > Talk.
  2. Select the Numbers tab.
  3. Click on the number you want to edit.
  4. Click the Routing tab.
  5. In the Group Routing section, select one or more groups to route calls to. If you select no groups, calls are routed to all available agents.

  6. If you selected more than one group, also choose a default group from the drop-down menu next to Default group. Calls are routed to the default group first if agents in that group are available. If no agents from any of the selected groups are available, resulting voicemails are also assigned to the default group.

  7. Click Save Changes.
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  • 1

    Hello, just to be certain, is this option not available for Basic Talk?

    If it routes to a group, will the phone ring for every enabled, online agent in that group?



  • 0

    Hi Sam, 

    No, it will ring 1 agent at a time to the default group, and if nobody answers, or no agents in the default group are available, then it will start with agents in the other groups.


  • 0

    Can you route calls based on End User Tags? 

    Example. Client X is VIP, I want them to be Routed to my best agents. Is that possible?

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