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If you're on Professional or Enterprise, customize your Zendesk Support plan to fit your specific support needs with additional features available as Add-ons.

Add-on Applicable plans Description
Productivity Pack Professional Boost your team's productivity and efficiency with the following features:
  • Custom ticket forms: Customize the information you capture for different types of support requests.
  • Conditional fields app: Show or hide fields in the request form when the user selects a certain value in another field.
  • Pathfinder app.: Review a ticket requester's Help Center activity, including searches and viewed articles, from right before and after they submitted the ticket.
Light Agents Professional


Allow team members to access Zendesk Support and work on tickets without giving them full agent permissions by making them light agents.
Customer Lists & NPS Surveys Professional


Gain insight into your customer base with the following features:
  • Customer lists: Learn more about subsets of your customers by organizing them into segments based on plan type, support history, industry, or other criteria.
  • Net Promoter Score℠ surveys : Monitor your relationships with customers by collecting and analyzing NPS surveys.
High Volume API Professional


Increase your overall API rate limit to 2500 requests per minute.
Multibrand Professional (up to five brands)

Enterprise (unlimited brands)

Support multiple brands from your single Zendesk instance.
Priority Support Enterprise Receive a one hour Service Level Objective from our global support team and 99.9% of uptime Service Level Agreement.
Advanced Security Enterprise Enhance your data's security with the following features:
Data Center Location Enterprise Specify the location where your account data is hosted (US-only or EU-only).
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