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  • Steve Wiseman

    We have built an app that does just that. You can contact us directly until it's put in the Marketplace. Please write to me at or contact via the website at You need to be able to install private apps in your Zendesk. 

  • Scott Havard

    I've had to use the Help Center API a bit to get data that I need for performance analysis.

    It can be a pain, so I wanted to share some of the tools I've used thus far to hopefully help speed up the process for other Help Center managers.

    Here is a very [underdeveloped] GitHub repository that has a couple scripts that exports article information to a CSV:

    Feel free to add/tweak/help with this. I know people probably have used tons of different approaches, and this is just one small one. It also may have a little barrier to entry if you haven't used API's before. I am happy to make changes to help get over this hurdle or get people familiar with the process.

    Also feel free to reach out with questions. 


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Scott! Thank you for sharing this!

    If you're up for it, it would be awesome if you could flesh this out a bit and add a post about it to our Tips & Tricks section! I know a lot of people would find it helpful, and you'll get a gift from us for your effort. :)

  • Andy Reed

    When is Zendesk going to add the feature to download a help center article as a PDF? I am aware of the available add-ons, but I think that this should be a baked-in feature.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Andy - 

    Here's a tip from the Zendesk Community on how to implement the ability to do this in your Help Center: 

    Printing/PDF/Emailing Help Center Articles

    I do not believe that this is something that the Product team has on the roadmap as a native feature. If you'd like to make a feature request, here's how to do that

  • Scott Havard

    Hi all!

    I went ahead and submitted a community tip as suggested by Jessie outlining the script  described above. I also made a video describing the process. You can find that here:


  • Jennifer Rowe

    Thanks so much for taking time to share your tip, Scott. It's a good one!

    I've added it to our list of Help Center tips from the community.

  • John Barnaby

    Hello Team,

    There is a service Help Desk Migration that allows exporting data to the CSV file.




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