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    I need to change my credit card details but i am not the holder of this account how can i become the hold of this account so i can change the credit card details as my son Tristan is no longer with my company 


    Regards David

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    Jamie O'Connell

    Is there any way to update the 'password reset' account email text? Specifically to update the URL within (I need it to point to our own domain, not the '' domain).

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Jamie!

    I'm afraid it's not possible to edit the content of that email. Are you using SSO? If that's the case, there's another option. Go to the admin settings in your agent interface, scroll down to Settings, click on Customers, and then scroll down to Allow users to change their password. If you're using SSO, you'll want to uncheck that box so your users don't have the option to reset their own passwords.

    Do you think that'll help?

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    Jamie O'Connell

    Hi Jessie,

    Thanks for the reply. We are currently not using SSO, and we cannot update the 'host mapping' field within ZenDesk, as we host our KB at our own domain (i.e. we do not use the Help Centre directly).

    It seems that the only resolution would be to set up and switch to SAML/LDAP or the like, and host/reset the password elsewhere.

    Thanks for the clarification.

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    I see it is possible to use dynamic content in the welcome email, but HTML tags that I once used in the text box (and they worked) appear as if I want to use dynamic content i cannot use HTML? :(

    Also, how can I get the email text to appear Left-to-Right? The HTML formatting I'm trying (without DC) isn't working. Some users receive the email in LTR languages, and I want it to appear properly.

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    Romona Blackwood

    Hi David, 

    You should be able to use both HTML and Dynamic content in your emails. I found a very helpful article titled Customizing templates for your email notifications that can help you implement and customize emails using both. 

    Feel free to check it out and let us know if you still have questions. 

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    Nicholas Smolney

    I have multibrand, and it's less than ideal (makes my company look unsophisticated) to have a generic welcome message shared across all brands.

    Having the from address on the email as well as the subject to reflect the brand is not enough, as my brands are quite different. I would ask that having the ability to have a custom welcome email per brand be prioritized higher. 

    Also, I think it would more likely to want to include the help center for the one particular brand, instead of for all active brands.That's what I would want. 

    Finally, when listing out the help centers, it would make sense to use the host mapping url (i.e. if we have gone through the effort of setting this up, and are actively marketing that url.  

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