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  • Jerrod Harden

    Every time I go to widgets and setup help center, and try to enable it i get the below error:


    When i go to Guide i get this:


    I so new to all of this and I'm just trying to get an interface for all of our end users to be able to submit tickets.

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi @...

    Are you the account owner? The Help Center has to be enabled by the account owner, so you might have to ask that person to do it, if it's not you. See if that works!

  • Jerrod Harden

    🤦‍♂️ that makes sense , im an admin , not the owner. I will get with the owner . Thank you !

  • Reggie Murphy

    I do not see where to click on Settings in my guide. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Reggie,
    You must be a Guide Agent in order to access settings in Guide (see Understanding Guide roles and privileges).
    If you are a Guide Agent, when when you're in your Guide help center or Gather community, you'll either see a top bar with a link to add articles etc. to your help center, and a "Guide admin" link on the right that will take you to the Guide settings. This bar shrinks up, and when that happens there a small down-arrow in the middile-top of the screen that will allow you to expand the bar so you can see the links. But if that arrow isn't there and you don't see the Guide admin link, it's likely that you're not a Guide Admin in the help center you're looking at. In that case, you'll want to talk to one of your admins and ask if they will grant you Guide admin permissions. 
  • Rebecca Katz

    Hey :-) 
    I'm about to activate a help center of ours and we want to make sure the articles are not searchable in Google. Currently the settings are so that only end users in a certain segment can view the content and only via logging in, will this ensure these article aren't searchable on google?


  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Rebecca,
    Yes, any articles that require users to sign-in are not indexed by Google. If you wish, you can restrict Google from indexing all the content of your Help Center, by following the steps described in this article: How can I restrict Google from indexing my Help Center?
    I hope this helps! Thank you!
  • Maddie F.

    Can this article please be edited to clarify that only Account Owners can enable the Help Center, as mentioned by Jennifer in the comment above?

    This is misleading:

    "When you're ready, you can activate your help center and make it live for end users. You must be a Zendesk Support administrator to enable the help center. Guide Admins who are not Support administrators cannot enable the help center."

    I am a Support Administrator but not an Account Owner, so based on this article I would assume that I can enable the Help Center, which I cannot do as I am not the Account Owner.


  • Aimee Spanier
    Zendesk Documentation Team
    Hi, Maddie. Guide Admins who are also Support Admins can activate the help center, but enabling it requires the Account Owner.
    To (hopefully) clarify:
    First, an Account Owner enables the help center, which makes it possible to populate and activate a help center, without actually activating it. It's basically creating the help center without making it available to end users.
    Then, a Guide Admin who is also a Support Admin activates the help center. Activating the help center makes it available to end users.
    I believe this is indicated correctly in the article. In the paragraph you quoted, I did change "enable the help center" to "activate the help center" which might be what's causing confusion. 
  • Charlotte Martin

    This is probably a really simple question - but I cannot work out how to change the assigned group on incoming tickets from my helpcentre 
    I have multiple groups - but not matter what is selected in the web form upon submission it is always assigning to one group.
    I think it must be trigger - but I just can't work out what

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Charlotte,

    I created a ticket on your behalf and will send you an email to further troubleshoot your inquiry. 
  • SAP Support KPE


    I cannot activate the Help Center. I am account owner and have admin rights on everything.
    In the "Guide" there is no "Settings" button.
    There is a "Get started" button, but it does nothing.
    Any ideas?

  • Viktor Osetrov
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Kurt,

    Thanks for your question. It should be there
    Could you visit ?

    Hope it helps
  • Craig Goldstein


    We have an active help center for our brand, which functions fine on desktop. Unfortunately, the menu feature isn't responsive on mobile web and doesn't expand when tapped/clicked. Our contact information links would be included on this menu.

  • Dominique Frossard

    This article is not verified, if you follow the process you will that after clicking on the gear of settings you always redirect on page that indicate a new admin Panel is availabe and the options presented into this process not appear.

    Here again the process 

    To activate your help center

    1. In Guide, click the Settings () icon in the sidebar.
    2. In Guide settings, click Activate.
    3. Click Activate again to confirm that you want to activate your help center.



  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Dominique Frossard,

    Thanks for including the screen shots, that's really helpful.

    You are clicking the settings icon in Support. The instructions say "In Guide, click the Settings icon..."

    To get to Guide, click the Zendesk Products icon in the top right corner, then select Guide. You should be able to follow the instructions from there. 

  • Joris De Carvalho


    Is there a category limit ?
    I have 43 categories created, with sections and articles, but I can't manage to display more than 30.
    In "arrange content", when I reach the bottom, after 30 categories, I reach the "show more" button, that's the limit.
    All the categories after "show more" can't be displayed


    I just realized that when I moved a bottom article above the "show more" limit.
    This category is now displayed but the last one which moved below "show more" is now hidden...


  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Joris,

    There is a limit of 30 elements on each Help Center page type, but can use the pagination helper to allow you to show the next 30 sections within the section page. (it will only render when there are more than 30 elements).   
    There is a bit more information here: Can I add pagination to my Help Center? 

    I hope that helps!
  • Andres

    The link to the pinterest gallery is broken

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Andres, 

    Thanks for letting us know. I've updated the pinterest link in the article. 

    It should be:

    Thanks again for the heads up!


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