Organizing knowledge base content in categories and sections

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  • Synne Nygård Olsen

    Is it possible to place an article in more than one category? We have several articles that don't just fit into one category.

  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator


    There isn't a way to do this by default in Zendesk but if you have some coding expertise or have access to a developer, there is a solution that may work for you:


  • Bill Fanning


    We have set up five categories of articles:

    We would like for Students, when they click on Student Experience, not to see articles in the other categories even when they use the search bar.  

    For example, If a student clicks on the Student Experience button and does a search:

    They will get non-student related articles.

    For example, none of the Articles in the search results below pertain to Students:


    Is there a way to prohibit that from happening?  Maybe a message that says your search results returns no Articles in Student Experience.

  • David Bjorgen

    @..., could you set up a user segment specifically for students, as well as a user segment for non-students? Then you can define your article visibility by either user segment. If a user segment is not allowed to see an article, it won't show up in search results, and any category or section in which the article exists won't show up to the user.

    It's a bit of a clunky solution since it involves defining visibility on an article-by-article basis, but it may work for you.

  • Jenny Qu

    Hello, I want to re order my article, I tried to follow "Editing categories or sections" section, why I am not able to see Arrange content button. Can you help me. Thanks. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Jenny, it appears that you are on our legacy Guide Lite plan, and the features in this article require Guide Professional or Enterprise. For more information on how to view and change your plan types, see Viewing and managing plan subscriptions, and for more information on the Guide plan types, see About the Zendesk Guide plan types


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