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If you have added multiple brands, you can create one Help Center for each brand. Each brand's Help Center is completely separate, with its own Knowledge Base and Community content. End users who visit the Help Center for a specific brand see tickets for only that brand.

If you're using ticket forms, all ticket forms will be available in all of your Help Centers.

This article contains the following sections:

Adding a Help Center for a brand

You can create one Help Center for each brand you've set up.

To add a Help Center for a brand

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Manage > Brands.
  2. If you haven't already done so, click Add brand to add your brand (see Adding multiple brands).
  3. On the Brands management page, click the menu icon beside the brand you want to set up a Help Center for, then select Edit.
  4. Under Help Center, click Create.

  5. Click Create yours today.
  6. Select a theme or click Skip for now.

    When finished, you'll see confirmation that your new Help Center has been created.

To access a branded Help Center, see Viewing a Help Center for one of your brands.

Understanding user authentication with multiple Help Centers

When you have multiple Help Centers to support multiple brands, you cannot restirct users to a specific Help Center. All of your Help Centers are accessible to all of your end-users. If you are using remote authentication or SSO, each Help Center will redirect users to the same single sign-in protocol and database. This is because users belong to the account, not to a specific brand.

When users receive a welcome email, password reset email, or identity verification email, it will include a list of all of your Help Centers. This ensures that users understand that any changes to their account affect their access to these multiple Help Centers.

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    How do you add a brand on Professional? The article says it is an add-on but does not mention what an add-on is or how to get one. 

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